So, do you come here often?

“Hey, bartender! More snacks needed over here!” The so-called bartender just took another picture.

I was on a bike ride through Stanley Park and decided to take in the birdlife at Beaver Lake. I watched the ducks for a while before moving on, coming to a bridge where I’d seen plenty of small birds on previous visits. This time, someone was just emptying a bag of nuts and seeds for the local squirrel population and so I stopped to watch. There was a trio of black squirrels and an equal number of their smaller cousins, Douglas fir squirrels, and it was fun to watch them scurry back and forth scavenging the last remnants of food. I got a handful of good photos, but I particularly liked this one where the squirrel rested for a brief moment, as if sitting at a bar and waiting for the next drink. Or in this case, more nuts. I had none to offer, but I also don’t make a habit of feeding them anyway. Let’s face it: they’re only cute from a distance…!

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