Bluebell patch

Vancouver’s very own miniature bluebell wood

Bluebells are synonymous with my childhood. Every year we’d all visit a patch of woodland not too far from home that would be carpeted with thousands of flowers. Of course, being young and innocent (and ignorant), we’d pick handfuls to take home to mum – something I wouldn’t even dream of doing these days, preferring to take loads of photos instead 🙂

And so it was a nice surprise to see so many bluebells around the city. Mostly they’re just planted in front gardens (where they come in white and pink varieties), but this little patch is on a small area of rough ground near the CP railway line on the Arbutus corridor. Most of the year it’s a postage stamp of grass edged by a tangle of scruffy blackberry bushes, but for a few short weeks it’s also an urban flower meadow, first blooming with crocuses and then a carpet (or at least a large rug) of bluebells.

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