Downy woodpecker

A little downy woodpecker for this week’s Throwback Thursday. Another photo from my “Once Around The Sun” photo-a-day project, which was made so much easier by the fact I worked on the UBC campus with its abundant fauna and flora.

So many of my days during this project began with the thought, “what am I going to photograph today?”. And thankfully, on so many of those days nature treated me to a little gift. This particular morning I spotted movement on a low tree branch and stopped to check it out. I don’t remember if I had to change lenses or if the camera had the telephoto lens already attached, but that doesn’t really matter. The little woodpecker was far more intent on finding something to eat to be bothered by me and I had the leisure to snap a good half-dozen shots.

I always felt good about this project on days like these, when I was able to get my daily photo near the beginning of the day. It gave me the freedom to use the rest of the day to scope out future ideas, which was vital for making the project work at all.

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