North Vancouver Falls

Pretty little Norvan Falls, the destination for the first hike I organized with Wanderung way back in 2005. This photo was taken on my first revisit in 2013 almost exactly 3 years ago. I visited the falls again last year to celebrate the 10th anniversary of my first visit – it’s a pleasant spring hike, and long enough to be a bit of an early season workout.

In the midst of a cold, rainy winter, Lynn Headwaters Regional Park (or almost anywhere on the North Shore for that matter) is not the most inviting place for a hike. But that all changes a few months into the year, and by April, the walk up to Norvan Falls can be really pleasant, especially on a sunny day. On this particular day, some snow had fallen and was persisting in the upper sections of the valley. The rocks were capped with white tufts of new snow, which made it tricky to get down by the creek to get a sensible and safe photograph. Thankfully I managed without falling into the icy water, though I did slip a couple of times πŸ™‚

The falls aren’t the most spectacular, so I always wait until after a decent amount of rain – I wouldn’t bother in the summer when water levels are low except on my way up to Coliseum or Hanes Valley. But on a nice spring day? Go for it. The trail gets much nicer and quieter beyond the debris chute.

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