Clouds clearing Crown

Clouds clearing over Crown Mountain, from a snowshoe trip up to Hollyburn back in April 2011

Sometimes a photo works, and sometimes it doesn’t. I’ve taken many photos of the west face of Crown Mountain on my various hikes up to Hollyburn over the years, but most end up looking flat and boring. Until now – or at least, until April 2011 🙂 This photo was taken part way up the open slopes on the final approach to the summit, roughly at the first mini-plateau on this ascent. Crown appears over the tree tops and teases with partial views through the forest.

I found a spot with a better view and took this photo, although I was still annoyed at the presence of the foreground trees. It was only when I got home and looked at what I had taken that I liked the square crop with the four trees at the bottom of the frame acting as a border hiding the boring lower slopes of the mountain and leaving just the interesting parts of Crown visible as the clouds began to drift away.

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