How could I pass up this classic photo-op? Another TBT contribution from my Once Around The Sun project of 5 years ago.

Looking back at the blog post I wrote for this photo, I’m glad I typed up my thoughts and observations along with the photos. So often in Vancouver, the western horizon can be bright even when the city is under grey clouds, and a number of the photos in my photo-a-day project have this kind of feature. Sometimes it’s the weather clearing at the end of the day and sometimes it’s just that the better weather hangs out to the west of the Lower Mainland. But in my case, it usually just reflects the fact that it took me most of the day to get round to going to look for a photo to take…!

Of course I didn’t remember all that when I chose this photo for TBT. Instead, I liked the simple and classic composition: a straight line neatly dividing the frame into a 1/3-2/3 colour and texture split. The end-on ship is a nice touch too, which is something I remember noticing at the time. Still, I cropped it and spruced it up a little for Instagram (which still doesn’t handle portrait 3:2 photos).

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