International Day of Forests

A trio of giant cedars in Stanley Park to celebrate International Day of Forests. Trees such as these are Canada’s cathedrals and should be treated with the same reverence.

Before moving to Vancouver, I imagined it to be a rainy, darkly-forested place where the sun rarely shone. Instead I was won over by the incredible huge trees – the red and yellow cedars, Douglas firs, and Sitka spruce, some reaching ages of many hundreds of years. And then I was horrified by the clearcut logging wiping clean entire valleys of old-growth forest.

When I lived in the US, there were several occasions where Americans expressed their wonder at the preserved history of Europe, and lamented their own perceived lack of antiquity. It occurred to me that, in their vast trees of the temperate rain forest on the west coast, the US and Canada has ancient treasures that are long gone from Europe. These trees are as old (and in some cases older) than the grand stone cathedrals, and that people would never stand for the destruction of such architecture to make way for lesser buildings. So why are there not more people standing up against the destruction of these old forests? These forests are Canada’s (and the USA’s) history, and at least some of that history should be left intact for future generations to appreciate.

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