Throwback to a Thursday back in August 2011 when we cooled our heels on some icebergs while admiring the Angel Glacier

There’s a story behind every photo, some of which are longer than others…

Picture another beautiful September day in the Rockies, another day of touring with my parents, showing them the best that Jasper has to offer. We headed up to Mt Edith Cavell for the gorgeous view of the Angel Glacier, which is about a half-hour drive out of Jasper. I was watching our fuel level as usual but had made the mistake of relying more on the number of kilometres we’d driven on the current tank rather than paying attention to the gauge itself. As we rounded a bend, the yellow “low fuel” warning light came on. At least we were fairly close to the parking lot and I did my best to go easy on the accelerator.

Rather than have all four of us make the pointless return trip to Jasper (and concerned that sitting at the side of the road waiting to get more gas was not a fun way to spend hard-earned vacation time), I suggested that everyone else enjoy the morning while I went off in search of gas. Good plan, I thought. And so I headed off back down the hill (thankfully!), the yellow light my more-or-less constant companion. I even took to dropping the car into neutral to use less fuel. Yay for steep hills!

Finally, I got back down to the main highway and turned towards Jasper. I am naturally light-footed on the gas but I was even more careful than usual, keeping my speed down as much as possible. Fortunately, traffic was light and I didn’t hold up any other cars. After a very nervous 10 minutes or so I eventually came to the traffic lights outside Jasper and could finally breathe a sigh of relief. I pulled into the gas station and filled up.

Now it was time to rejoin the others. I have to say I missed my old Integra on the drive back up the hill – being the only person in the car I could throw it around a bit more (the handling of the CR-V isn’t great, but it does stick to the road pretty well), and I thoroughly enjoyed my return trip. I parked up and jogged over the old moraines to find Mum, Dad, and Maria relaxing by the side of the glacial lake. Indeed, at one point Maria did actually have her feet up on a little iceberg near the shore, literally cooling her heels 🙂 Now to relax!

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