Happy Snowdrop Saturday 🙂 They’re just starting to bloom in the gardens of Vancouver.

Remarkably, this is my 100th post on Instagram. I started on Instagram as an experiment back in July 2015 for two reasons. The first was simply to get to know Instagram as a platform from the perspective of a long-time Flickr user. The second was as a place to put my (crappy) phone photos (hence my [former] Instagram name, fonetoes, as in photos from my phone – it seemed clever at the time…).

I had a number of preconceived notions about Instagram, some of which have been proved right, but mostly I’ve been pleasantly surprised at the quality of photographs I’ve seen. I still prefer Flickr as the primary location for our photos, but Instagram does have a fun element to it that Flickr doesn’t satisfy.

I quickly realized that just uploading my crappy phone photos wouldn’t be a very satisfying use of Instagram, so I began to include the occasional photo taken with one of our SLRs. But the convenience of uploading direct from a cell phone is hard to beat. The next best thing is to have a camera that can link up with a phone and so maintain that ability to see something, take a photo, and upload it. And so I bought a Sony RX100II which can do exactly that, and I’ve been very happy with it as it gives me the best of both worlds.

Of course that means I’m now having a bit of an existential crisis as my username isn’t really appropriate any more, but my first choice is not available. Looks like I’m stuck with it.

Update: except it turns out that I’m not stuck with it. I found a new name I could live with. My own. 🙂

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