For all of us who missed Throwback Thursday, there’s always Flashback Friday! Today I dug back into the archives for a photo taken a decade ago, almost to the day. We were new to snowshoeing and loved getting out into the snow at every opportunity no matter the weather. I never thought it would happen, but these days I’m a bit of a snow snob, and won’t go out if I think it’s not going to be good snow. Snowshoeing has also become so popular on Vancouver’s North Shore mountains that I find it way too busy up there now and the fun has gone out of it. If only I were a morning person so I could get up early enough to beat the crowds…

Some things don’t change: the whisky jacks are still as cute as ever, and are always on the lookout for food. But over the past 10 years I think that ravens have become less timid, have muscled in on the whisky jacks’ action, and are now more likely to be the ones stealing your food when you’re not looking. Keep your food close to you, and your backpacks closed, lest they make off with anything colourful – I know someone who lost their microspikes to a raven looking for food!

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