Mt Hozameen

The jagged peaks of Mt Hozameen, as seen from the Heather Trail near First Brother in Manning Park. This photo was taken on a snowshoe trip back in Mar 2013 where a group of us headed up the Fat Dog trail and continued up into the alpine to reach the Heather Trail. This was my third attempt at this trail, both previous attempts failing to get this far due to time constraints. It was worth every step.

To me, this mountain is one of the most recognizable features when hiking in Manning Park, though it’s not in the park itself, lying a few kilometres south of the Canada-US border. The closest approach is a little-used trail along a ridge that leads to one of the border monuments (Monument 74), but the view isn’t so good from there as the peaks are significantly foreshortened. I think the best view is from either Lone Goat or Snow Camp mountains on the nearby Skyline II trail.

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