Summer sunrise

Despite not being a morning person, I love being up and about at sunrise. Something about the quiet, the coolness, the expectation of a new day. This gets a little more difficult in the summer but occasionally I just have to get up and find somewhere to watch the sun rise. May seems to be a particularly good month for me to do this, and somehow the peaks of Golden Ears are usually involved too. One day I’d like to get further up the Fraser Valley to catch the Cheam Range at sunrise.

Last year I got up early enough to drive out to Surrey and watch the sun come up over misty fields and the Serpentine River. That was a great spot. This year I decided that Queen Elizabeth park was far enough. I parked up around 5.30 am and walked up through the southern gardens, across the parking lot to the Bloedel Conservatory and stood on the wall to take in the orange sky to the east. A grand total of two people walked by: one man out for a brisk morning walk, the other from the Vancouver parks department checking on the bins.

Sure enough Golden Ears looked impressive with the peachy dawn sky as a backdrop and I sized up a few shots.

Vancouver sunrise, 14 May 2010

Within a few minutes the sun rose over the mountains, first catching the tips of the North Shore summits of Crown and the Lions, then sliding down until it reached the downtown high-rises. The sky was filled with thin high cloud, not enough to stop the sky looking clear but enough to flatten the light (unlike my picture-perfect sunrise of last year). At this point I stopped taking photographs and headed home for breakfast through the early-morning traffic.

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